Welcome to House Wine with Kerry!

House Wine with Kerry brings the joy of wine tasting right in to your home.  All you need is a minimum of 1 glass per person and a thirst for wine knowledge, and I will do the rest.

Learning about wine is an extremely daunting task.  The variety of grapes, regions, prices, corks, winemakers, etc. makes wine smarts seem somewhat unattainable at times.  Perusing a wine list can be as challenging as reading a glossary in a science textbook.  Shopping in a wine store can be so overwhelming that pretty labels may seem like the only reasonable distinction you can make between the bottles.

House Wine with Kerry is an extremely fun way to dispel all of your fears about wine with an interactive wine class right in your home!  Choose from one of the six courses, or work with Kerry to design something for your wine needs.  It really is that simple!  Kerry will bring the wines and the materials, and all you need to do is supply the glassware.  

To get started, read more About Kerry, to see why you may want her wit and wine intelligence in your apartment.  Then, review the Course Offerings to see what class may work for your group.  Take a look at the Details to familiarize yourself the specifics.  Lastly, e-mail Kerry (kerry@housewinenyc.com) with the following information: 

  1. Proposed dates for the tasting (two weeks notice please!)
  2. Course selection or information on what you are looking for so that Kerry can help select a course
  3. Wine Budget
  4. Number of glasses in your home
  5. Number of guests
  6. Your address
And then you are on your way to a fabulous evening!